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Welcome to my website.

RECENT NEWS - One of my short plays was featured in the Brighton Fringe Festival 2012, featuring in the 'Once Upon a Time in Brighton' night at the New Venture Theatre. The play imagined an audio tour of King Alfred's Leisure Centre in the 2024. If you would like to read this, please contact me.

RECENT NEWS - I have added a short article - Why George Osborne is my evil twin

As a freelance writer, I have covered a range of subjects, including painting, parenting, Sat Navs and science (from a layman's point of view). I bring a committed and imaginative approach to any project. Hopefully, this results in features that are well-researched, enjoyable to read, and accessible in tone.

I write a weekly column about the humourous side of being a parent entitled 'Distracted Dad' for Latest Homes magazine. I also write the quarterly 'Dadsense' column for Mumsense magazine .I have been published in numerous magazines including Prima Baby, Car Magazine and Audi Magazine and write regularly for The Artist magazine. Some examples of these can be found on this site. I have also written about odd news events, office culture, football, art workshops, running, and Brighton. I have also written jokes not used by Newsjack. What a claim to fame! There's a link above for those. I have also produced content for websites - including developing a website for writers Paragraph Planet which invites submissions of exactly 75 words, and written reviews on exhibitions for local publications.

I studied Art and English in London and Leicester before moving down to Brighton and Hove, where I live with my wife and two sons. I was a founding member of the Brighton Novelists, who met once a week from 2000 - 2008, and have had sketches and a play perfomed in the city.

To see more examples of my writing, to ask any questions, or to suggest a commission, please use the 'contact' link.

I also do paintings. They look very much like this one below. Click here to see more.

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